How to Use Static Guard to Tame Wild Hair

During cold and dry weather, hair can become out of control due to static. Flyaway hairs are not only inconvenient, but tend to be a little embarrassing as well. Instead of fighting with your hair when the temperatures drop, make your hair beautiful and manageable with a common product found in most laundry rooms: Static Guard.

Static Guard is traditionally used on clothing after it’s pulled from the dryer to prevent it from sticking to other items or folding over onto itself. However, this spray also serves a different purpose outside of the laundry room as an effective static tamer that helps control frizzy fly-away.

Using Static Guard on Your Hair
Never spray Static Guard directly onto hair because it can weigh the hair down. Instead, spray it on your hairbrush or comb to distribute the perfect amount without coating hair or making it look greasy. Plastic creates even more static and frizz, so it is best to work with a metal comb or brush. When all else fails, plastic will work, but it may require a more generous coating of Static Guard to create the desired effect.

Spray the Static Guard along the teeth of the comb or on the bristles of the brush. While the comb or brush is still damp, run it completely through hair to easily eliminate fly-away caused by static. If the hair still contains static, add another layer of Static Guard to your brush or comb and brush the hair again.

To avoid buildup of this spray, make sure to occasionally wash your comb or brush with a mild cleanser and allow it to properly air dry.

Using Static Guard on Hair Accessories
You can also use Static Guard on your favorite winter hat or hair accessories if they harbor static and cause hair to become out of control. This will help keep your hair tamed throughout the day or when the cap or accessory is removed.

It is important to not oversaturate the hat or accessory to prevent buildup. Instead, start with one light coating. If this does not seem to be adequate, another mild coating should do the trick.

With just one can of Static Guard, your hair can look spectacular all winter long. Stop fighting fly-away with inefficient products and try to use Static Guard on your brushes, combs, hats, and hair accessories. You will be able to obtain gorgeous, manageable hair every day during the colder months of winter when static is more prevalent.