Winter Weather Wardrobe Tips

  • Occasion: Clothing/Fashion
  • Season: All, Winter

First and foremost, determine what you are keeping this season and what must go (but keep in mind one mans, trash is another man’s treasure. Consignment shops or e-bay are great ways to make a little extra cash off of things you are not using anymore. Making a donation to charity that helps the less fortunate always helps your closet look better and make you feel better too.)

  • It helps to carry a travel size can of Static Guard in you your purse, desk, glove compartment and suitcase to avoid the fashion sting of static cling on the go during the dry winter months
  • Lightly spray Static Guard on sweaters before organizing them in your closet to prevent a shocking new hair style when you go to put them on
  • Boots in all varieties paired with skirts and dresses are an essential part of this seasons fall and winter fashion. Be sure to spray nylons or tights with Static Guard to avoid a creeping skirt or a clingy situation
  • Leggings and layering are always in style, and are one of the top trends this season. To avoid static build up – spray leggings and all your layers with Static Guard before dressing
  • When it comes to storing your clothes as Joan Crawford would say: “No more wire hangers” and make sure sweaters are always folded and never hung so they keep their shape
  • Use shoe racks or bins to keep cold-weather footwear organized
  • After the season is over, make sure to store clothes in a clean, cool, dark and dry area to ensure your clothes will be looking brand new when it’s time to revisit the wardrobe

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