Holiday Travel Essentials to the Stars

  • Occasion: Clothing/Fashion
  • Season: All
  • Keep Topstick Fashion-Fix Tape handy. You never know when you’re going to have a last-minute wardrobe change or malfunction and need to hold up a low neckline or hem too-long pants.
  • A Bikini or favorite bathing suit: Your hotel or travel destination could always have a pool or Jacuzzi and you might be able to sneak in a quick workout or relaxing dip!  Make sure to spray on Static Guard on your cover up to avoid static cling at the pool party!
  • Steripod tooth brush case: Keeps your toothbrush clean and sanitized while you travel. This way, when you are in a rush you can grab, throw and go.
  • Stick on Crystals: The holidays are all about gifts, giving and glitter! Keep these on hand because you never know when you will need to jazz up a simple jacket or shirt with that extra sparkle.
  • Travel-size can of Static Guard® spray: It fits in your purse for any last-minute fashion emergencies and to keep the holiday tinsel from ruining your outfit!

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