Fashion Secrets Everyone Should Know

  • Occasion: Clothing/Fashion
  • Season: All
  • We all know an on stage slip up will haunt you forever. Don’t let a simple fashion mishap like a cling-on blouse, skirt and gown bring you down. Always have Static Guard on hand to avoid these types of static situations.
  • If you can’t walk in the shoes, take them off! You’ll never perform your best on stage, at school or during a night out if you don’t have control over your feet and legs.
  • One of the things I love to do backstage is to breathe new life to old favorites. Expand your wardrobe by reusing pieces in a unique and different way. Just like my essential styling tool, Static Guard has many different unique uses.
  • TV translates colors in a different way than you see them in person. Recognize the different hues of an outfit to make sure they are all a fit. Take a photo on your camera to check the color. For example, sometimes purple will read blue!
  • Dressing for a theme? Patterns and stripes are a true representation of fashion genres and make for a great outfit.
  • It’s typical to accessorize around your outfit. Change up that routine by creating the look around your shoes. This will give the audience a new focus.
  • Layer, layer, layer – another way to introduce style into your wardrobe is to pile on the fabrics (don’t get too carried away and step out wearing everything). The more fabric however, the more static electricity. Make sure to spray Static Guard on each layer to eliminate static cling.
  • Sometimes it’s less about the outfit and more about the accessories. Go for a natural look by choosing clothes close to your skin color and dressing them up with jewelry that pops. Like Danielle Stevens, Juicy Couture and Dannijo. Even Zara, Top Shop, H&M, and Forever 21 have great selections!

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