Phillip Bloch, One of Hollywood’s Premier Fashion Stylists, Names Static Guard the “Stylist’s Secret Weapon”

PB (2)America’s #1 Anti-Static Spray Teams up with Top Celebrity Stylist to Help Fashionistas Look Their Best

Static Guard, the # 1 product for eliminating and preventing static cling, has partnered with celebrity fashion stylist Phillip Bloch to launch the brand’s year-long Secret Weapon Campaign.  As part of this program, Phillip will encourage style mavens across the country to unleash their inner stylista and confidently share their signature style secrets – just as Phillip and industry insiders have for decades.  Created in 1978, Static Guard instantly eliminates static electricity and prevents static build up from accumulating by neutralizing the charges on fabric surfaces.

Widely considered one of Hollywood’s premier fashion stylists, Phillip’s extensive resume boasts experience ranging from dressing award-winning celebrities on the red carpet to personally appearing in films and on TV.  He is also a well-known author of two fashion and style guide books: “Elements of Style” and “The Shopping Diet.” Phillip’s witty humor, insight into pop culture, and iconic fashion sense have enabled him to become a go-to Hollywood insider, and now as a “Static Guard,” he is able to continue to offer his behind the scenes knowledge on a broader stage.

“I’ve spent my career helping people put the finishing touches on their look, and Static Guard has been part of my styling kit from day one because of its ability to do exactly what it says – eliminate static,” commented Phillip Bloch. “I’m excited to officially align with the brand and help bridge the gap between the secrets that celebrities and models know and what everyday people can use– whether attending a black tie affair, prepping for a first date, or heading to a business meeting.”

The year-long partnership will encompass a variety of public relations and marketing tactics including a presence at key fashion and film industry events and talking with people to uncover the real truth about wearable fashion.  Social media campaigns including contests and giveaways will also be executed throughout the partnership to drive awareness and engagement.

“Phillip has been using Static Guard and recommending it to his celebrity clients for years, making him a natural fit to officially endorse the brand,” commented Joe Villiano, Senior Marketing Manager at B&G Foods. “His extensive knowledge and credibility within the industry reinforces Static Guard’s unique positioning as one-of-a-kind, indispensible styling necessity.”

Throughout the partnership, Static Guard will be celebrated as a must-have product for every season – whether keeping static cling at bay during the dry winter months, avoiding “clingy” situations on your big day, or spring cleaning your home.  For information on products, styling tips, and more follow Static Guard on Facebook at and Twitter at