How to Use Static Guard to Tame Wild Hair

During cold and dry weather, hair can become out of control due to static. Flyaway hairs are not only inconvenient, but tend to be a little embarrassing as well. Instead of fighting with your hair when the temperatures drop, make your hair beautiful and manageable with a common product found in most laundry rooms: Static… Read more »

5 Inventive Uses for Static Guard

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Beauty Tips: How to Fight Static Hair

Beauty World News By Clarissa Hamlin When our strands succumb to static, isn’t it a sad feeling that leads straight to a bad hair day? There’s only so much maintenance we can do to our mane when winter swoops in. The minute the temperature drops and the air becomes dry, negatively-charged electrons fly off your hair,… Read more »

How to Battle Static Electricity, and Win!

By Kate Bryan – There is little as frustrating as fighting with static electricity in your hair as you are styling it. And even worse, once it’s styled and you are feeling great about your hair until you pull on a sweater or a scarf and suddenly the static electricity takes over. Living in drier… Read more »

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20 Things that Belong in Every Maid of Honor’s Wedding Day Kit

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Static Guard Survey: The Lies We Tell to Get Dudes to Like Us

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Trib Live- Knit Wits: As Sweater Season Ends, Be Smart About Their Care

By JoAnne Klimovich Harrop Take a good look at your sweaters before you put them away for the season. “Take time to analyze what you have in your closet and start pruning to make way for warm-weather items,” says Michelle Madhok, founder of and author of “Wear This Now.” “Say good-bye to those heavy… Read more »

Static Guard Teams Up with Soyon An, “American Idol” & “So You Think You Can Dance” Award-Winning Costume Designer & Stylist

Static Guard, the No. 1 brand in static-eliminating sprays, has teamed up with renowned costume designer and stylist Soyon An for the brand’s Stylist’s Secret Weapon Campaign. Throughout the campaign, Soyon will share insider styling tips with her fans, encouraging them to use Static Guard as their own secret styling weapon just like she does… Read more »

Phillip Bloch, One of Hollywood’s Premier Fashion Stylists, Names Static Guard the “Stylist’s Secret Weapon”

America’s #1 Anti-Static Spray Teams up with Top Celebrity Stylist to Help Fashionistas Look Their Best Static Guard, the # 1 product for eliminating and preventing static cling, has partnered with celebrity fashion stylist Phillip Bloch to launch the brand’s year-long Secret Weapon Campaign.  As part of this program, Phillip will encourage style mavens across the country… Read more »