Beauty Blunders: How to Weatherproof Your Hair

The forecast doesn’t only determine what we wear, but how our hair is going to act — which means our entire mood can depend on Mr. Weatherman.

But StyleList is staging an intervention on how to weatherproof your hair.

We’ve asked top experts how to use today’s advanced product technology and their best styling tips to make sure our hair looks fabulous, no matter what the five-day forecast.

So humidity and thunderstorms, step aside; we’re about to rock a good hair day.

Cold FreezeĀ 

Frosty air can zap the moisture out of your hair, resulting in pesky static that refuses to lie flat. But why do some suffer with static regularly, while others are hardly ever bothered by it? Rhys says the most common culprit is over-shampooing, which can strip natural oils from your hair, causing static electricity.

The best fix is to simply skip a day or two of washing, though if you can’t, spraying a leave-in conditioner all over hair to fortify the strand with moisture will also help. If you’re especially plagued by static, switch to a sulfate-free and non-foaming product like Wen by Chaz Dean’s Cleansing Conditioner when the weather is cold.

If static catches you midday, you can still stop it in its tracks. Simply spray your hairbrush with Static Guard and then run it through your hair, suggests Rhys. Keeping fabric softener sheets in your purseĀ can come in handy too, as you can reuse the same sheet several times to run over hair to kill static.

Credit: Getty Images