How to Battle Static Electricity, and Win!


By Kate Bryan –

There is little as frustrating as fighting with static electricity in your hair as you are styling it.

And even worse, once it’s styled and you are feeling great about your hair until you pull on a sweater or a scarf and suddenly the static electricity takes over.

Living in drier climates encourages static electricity more than in humid climates. Since I grew up in Illinois, I have many memories of trying to peel my hair off my face from static electricity. Thankfully, here in the south, I don’t have to fight to too much. But every once in awhile it will get dry enough here to bring out the static.

My favorite “beauty” tool for fighting static electricity is Static Guard. You’ve probably seen this in a laundry room, but it can actually work on your hair as well.

I’ve found that spraying your hairbrush with Static Guard and then brushing through your dry hair with it will help cut any static. You can also spray your clothes with static guard as well.

Other than using this spray, that happens to also smell pretty offensive, the best thing you can do to fight static is to keep your hair well conditioned. Just like dry air encourages static, dry hair does as well. Keep your locks hydrated and healthy to combat the static from settling in.