5 Inventive Uses for Static Guard

Static Guard is a laundry room staple that is typically used on clothing to help prevent static cling. While this spray is very effective in removing static, there are also several innovative uses for this product that many people have never thought of before. You’ll be amazed at the things Static Guard can help you accomplish around the house.

Using Static Guard on Hair

During the cold and dry months of winter, hair can become unmanageable due to static. Fine, thinner hair is most vulnerable to this winter problem and can be a hassle to control. Instead of spending a fortune on ineffective hair products, Static Guard is a successful and economical cure for winter flyaway.

Stop static before it begins with a quick spritz to your comb or brush. While the brush or comb is still damp, run it from the root to tip, through every section of your hair. Static will disappear in an instant, leaving you with beautiful hair that’s easy to manage. To keep hair tamed longer, use Static Guard on hats and hair accessories to prevent static build up. Remember, only a small spritz is needed and will last all day long.

Removing Pet Hair with Static Guard

Tired of fussing with your lint remover in an attempt to remove dog or cat hair from your clothing and upholstery? Static Guard makes this daunting task much easier. Simply spray a light coating onto clothing, furniture, and upholstery, and then use your lint brush to remove pet hairs. You’ll be amazed at the ease in which the hair now lifts from the surface.

Clean Your Blinds

If your window blinds are becoming difficult to clean, make the process easier next time with the application of Static Guard. Keep the blinds in the closed position and spray coating over the surface of your blinds. Then wipe with a damp towel and watch as dust and pet hair lift easily from the surface. You will find that this technique even helps prevent future dust and pet hair from sticking, making your next cleaning a breeze.

Make Mopping Easier with Static Guard

Many people use a dry mop for quick cleaning of your hardwood or laminate floors. A simple application of Static Guard over the surface of your cleaning fabric can transform your everyday mop into a dust bunny destroyer.

Do not saturate the cloth, but instead, add just a light coating. Once it has dried, you will find that pet hair, dirt, and dust will stick more easily to your dry mop, helping your floors appear cleaner than ever.

Boost Your Dryer Sheets

Do you love the smell that fabric softener sheets give your clothing but hate the static cling that comes with using them? You can remedy this problem by lightly spraying your dryer sheet with Static Guard before tossing it in the dryer. Your clothes will smell great, have less static cling, and lint will be much easier to remove once your clothes are finished drying.