20 Things that Belong in Every Maid of Honor’s Wedding Day Kit

iStock_000009194326XSmallBeing named “maid of honor” for a friend or loved one’s wedding is not only an honor, it’s a big responsibility. In addition to pre-wedding duties such as planning the bridal shower and the bachelorette party, you also are on duty throughout the wedding. If something goes wrong, you’re the one the bride will turn to—and thanks to the handy wedding emergency kit you’ll bring, you’re also the one who will save the day.

Include these items in your wedding kit:

  1. Aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  2. Band-Aids
  3. Bottles of water (and straws to avoid messing up lipstick)
  4. Breath mints or gum
  5. Cash (you may need to hit the vending machine or make a quick trip to the convenience store before or after the wedding)
  6. Chalk (it can cover up smudges or smears on the bride’s gown)
  7. Dental floss
  8. Double-sided tape
  9. Hair accessories – hair pins, hair bands, brush, comb and hair spray
  10. Lint brush
  11. Makeup (find out what colors the bride will be using)
  12. Medicine or tablets for an upset stomach
  13. Mirror
  14. Nail file, small clippers and extra nail polish (the bride’s color)
  15. Safety pins
  16. Static Guard to avoid static cling on a day when everyone wants to look their best
  17. Stain remover—pens or wipes
  18. Tissues
  19. Travel-size sewing kit (bring scissors if they aren’t included)
  20. Tweezers

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!